Intercoms & Video Door Phones

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Intercoms & Video Door Phones

A video intercom is a system that comprises a door phone that has a camera at the front door and a display indoors which the home owner can view.

When a visitor presses the front door ring button on the Video Door Phone, a camera in then activates and records footage from outside on your indoor display.

The homeowner can then view the visitor and talk to them from the safety of their home. The system even has the ability to unlock the front door if there is an optional electric door lock fitted.

The indoor display may either be on a systems monitor or with the help of a mobile App, through on a tablet or smart phone.

Intercoms and Video Door Phones provide an additional level of security for your home and office and are an ideal and cost-effective solution.


10 Great Reasons to Have a Video Intercom Door Phone

  1. It can help to keep you safe and secure.
  2. It can protect your kids. Instead of running to the front door and opening it to a stranger, they will first go to the monitor display to check who is at the door. Kids love technology and to them the video door bell is like an electronic toy. They can safely see who is at the door without opening it or even being close to it.
  3. You also do not have to answer the door to people who may be trying to sell you something. You can safely view them without answering the door.
  4. You can keep an eye on things while you are not at home. (via the mobile App on your tablet or smart phone)
  5. They are much more convenient than a standard doorbell. (due to the camera, display, Mobile App and ability to communicate with visitors)
  6. They are ideal for apartment units because the building may not have a large-scale security system and this feature will provide the people inside with some security.
  7. They are a valuable extra level of security to have in addition to larger-scale security systems for your home and business.
  8. It is possible to integrate the Video Door Phone with other smart home technology for example through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.
  9. They are a very cost-effective security solution.
  10. They are easy to install.


Our systems include models from the following manufacturers:-

  • Dahua
  • Ring
  • Kocom
  • Haakili


Standard Components provided with each model are:-

  • 1 * front door camera and doorbell station
  • 1 * 7” wide screen monitor
  • 1 * 12 volt power supply
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Available in colours – Black or White
  • We also have hard-wired and wireless options.

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