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About CCTV Security Camera Systems

IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV surveillance cameras are a known deterrent to criminals such as burglars and intruders. They provide a visible threat to any criminal that they are being watched, recorded and the outcome may be prosecution if they break the law.

Most criminals will look for an easy target and once they see the security cameras, there is a fair chance that they’ll move elsewhere.

At Aviva Security we supply and install Uniview, Dahua and Hikvision CCTV camera systems, three of the largest manufacturers of IP CCTV camera equipment in the world.

We offer the most competitive prices for the supply and installation of IP CCTV systems in Perth, and can provide our clients with systems starting from just 1 or 2 cameras all the way up to systems incorporating 16 cameras or more.

Our CCTV security cameras are designed and manufactured to be:-

  • Digital (latest technology)
  • Used Internally or Externally
  • Completely weatherproof
  • Dustproof
  • Infra-red for high quality night vision (in fact great quality images both day and night in all conditions)
  • High Resolution (to provide high quality footage)

In addition our CCTV Camera Systems are designed for:-

  • Homes/ Residential (Apartments and one or two story houses)
  • Business/ Commercial – including offices, shops, warehouses and factories


CCTV Camara – Daytime Surveillance

CCTV Camara – Night Surveillance

Remote Monitoring to your Desktop or Mobile Device (through a Mobile App)

If you are looking for an additional level of safety and security around your home or business our security cameras will give you 24/7 surveillance from wherever you are, enabling access to high quality images of your property remotely from your desktop PC or tablet or smart phone (through a Mobile App) from anywhere in the world.


Why Invest in a CCTV Security Camera System?

CCTV is a known deterrent in keeping away potential criminals.  It is also a useful tool in tracking who is coming and going from your home or workplace and at what times.

Other benefits of having CCTV Cameras installed are:-

  • Reduce the risk of intrusions and burglaries
  • Aids staff and public safety
  • Improves staff productivity
  • Monitor suspected shoplifting
  • Aids Police in prosecutions
  • 24/7 live footage from anywhere in the world


What Components are included in a CCTV Security Camera System?

  • CCTV Cameras (from 1 camera going up to as many as 32 cameras)
  • CCTV NVR Recorder (4 channel to 32 channel – equates to the number of cameras)
  • CCTV Hard Drive – Up to 2 Terabytes
  • CCTV System is Hard Wired
  • Professional Installation and Training on how to use it
  • Warranty – 3 Years

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At Aviva Security, we provide a FREE Security Consultation, Quote and Design Service and we pride ourselves in our After Sale Service to ensure that you have complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

We also provide amongst the lowest prices in Perth as we have no large company infrastructure or bureaucracy to maintain and pay for (unlike most of our competitors).

Please see the Testimonials of our happy customers.

FREE Security Consultation, Quote and Design Service

Phone: 0420 395 556

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At Aviva Security, we are a WA family-run business with many years of experience in Home & Business Security Systems.

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