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About Business Security Systems

We provide Security Systems for Businesses both large and small and can provide the right solution for you whether you have an office, shop, warehouse or factory.

We supply market leading security systems which are flexible and adaptable to scale to the size necessary to suit your requirements.

The Categories of Systems we supply to businesses are:-

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Here are 10 Reasons Why Your Business needs a Security System:-

  1. Your business is an Asset probably with a considerable value. To keep the business functioning smoothly, physical assets like offices, shops, warehouses and factories should be protected as well as the items inside the buildings such as stock, raw materials, tools, computer equipment, office furniture, photocopiers, confidential information and cash.
  2. Just the appearance of a visible security system is likely to encourage criminals or undesirables to move onto an easier target and leave your business alone
  3. A security system can discourage theft of your stock from outsiders or employees.
  4. Knowledge that a security system exists can encourage greater productivity from your employees.
  5. A good security system is likely to reduce your property insurance costs
  6. They reduce your costs and risk and prevent losses and save you money.
  7. They encourage good behavior as they can provide evidence of bad behavior
  8. Will boost your business reputation and you are implementing good business practices.
  9. A good security system will protect your employees, customers and other visitors.
  10. A good security system will discourage vandalism.

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At Aviva Security, we provide a FREE Security Consultation, Quote and Design Service and we pride ourselves in our After Sale Service to ensure that you have complete peace of mind and satisfaction.

We also provide amongst the lowest prices in Perth as we have no large company infrastructure or bureaucracy to maintain and pay for (unlike most of our competitors).

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FREE Security Consultation, Quote and Design Service

Phone: 0420 395 556

About Us: 

At Aviva Security, we are a WA family-run business with many years of experience in Home & Business Security Systems.

We offer some of the most competitive prices in Perth as well friendly and professional Customer Service.

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