Alarm Monitoring

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About Alarm Monitoring

External monitoring of your Alarm System provides an extra high level of Security to your home or business.

Monitoring Options include:-

  • Standard Phone Line Monitoring
  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Self-Monitoring by You

With External Security Monitoring by a remote Control Room, they are able to dispatch police, fire or any emergency services based on the signal received, notify you or take any other action deemed necessary.

With Aviva Security, there are no lock-in Monitoring contracts so you can cancel the arrangement at a time of your choosing and not suffer a financial penalty. 

Standard Phone Line Monitoring

This provides continuous monitoring, 24/7 through your phone line to our Control Room in Perth.

We monitor:-

  • Alarms
  • Panic Button activations
  • Power Failure
  • Battery Life
  • Fire

The service includes regular testing to ensure that the line is working between your home and the control room.

Direct Phone Line Monitoring

This scenario is effective as criminals are unable to cut a phone line to terminate communication to a Control Room in a wireless scenario. Here we provide you with a Wireless Modem that communicates with our Control Room.

Monitor your Own Alarm System

It is possible to configure your Alarm System to communicate with your tablet or mobile phone. In this scenario, the Alarm System will send alerts to your mobile device and you must decide what action to take. If you are not monitoring your phone, you may miss the alert and therefore be unable to take action.

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FREE Security Consultation, Quote and Design Service

Phone: 0420 395 556