Top 10 Advantages of having a Home Security System

There are numerous benefits of having a Home Security System. Here is our top 10 List:-

  • Peace of Mind

You can sleep easy knowing that you and your family have an extra level of protection which will provide you will safety and security.

  • Your Main Asset and other valuables are Protected

For most people, their main residence is their most expensive asset. It therefore makes sense to take steps to protect it.

  • Reduction in Insurance Costs

Having good quality Home Security Systems will almost certainly reduce your Insurance Costs (Premiums and Excesses) and these savings contribute to the cost of the Security System.

  • Deter Criminals

Once they realise that your property has a security system, the potential intruder is likely to move onto an easier target.

  • Convenience

With a CCTV Camera System You can monitor your home from a remote location through a mobile App on your tablet or smart phone. That means that you can watch live footage of your home from work or on holiday and also receive notifications remotely if your house alarm is monitored.

You can also arm and disarm your alarm system with remotely through a mobile App on your tablet or smart phone

  • Keep an Eye on the Kids

Camera Systems help you ensure your kids are safe while you are at work.

  • Answer the Door from Anywhere using a Video Doorbell

See who is at your front door and choose whether to speak to them or not and answer it or not.

  • Have Someone Else Monitor your Home

An advantage of this is that someone else is monitoring your home when you are unable to do it yourself. This situation may arise when you are at work, out socialising with friends, on a business conference or away on holiday.

  • Protect Against Fires

With many Home Security Systems, they can be configured to warn you in the event of a fire by integrating smoke detectors.

  • Security is much easier and more convenient than it used to be.

Thanks to advances in technology an integral part of security now is High Definition State of the Art Cameras, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless technology, mobile devices and mobile Apps, advanced computer and network technology, the list goes on …. This makes life much easier for consumers in terms of systems being easy to use and convenient.

Aviva Security are Experts in:-

  • CCTV Camera Systems
  • Intruder Alarm Systems
  • Front Door Intercoms & Video Phones
  • Monitored Security Systems

As well as Homes, we also supply Commercial Security Systems

We would be delighted to advise you about any of your security concerns.

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