Our Top 12 Ways to Safeguard your Home against Burglary

Just like all major cities, Perth has a problem with Burglaries and Break-ins. In 2016 there were over 188,000 recorded instances of unlawful entry in Australia. That was a 3% increase on the previous year.

Western Australia and Northern Territory have the highest burglary rates in Australia.

Most burglars are opportunistic. They will search for the easy target. Take some simple precautions and stop your house becoming victim to criminals.

With that in mind, our tips are as follows:-

  1. Mow your lawn regularly and keep hedges trimmed. This is a sign that there are people at home and the house is being lived in. Over grown hedges could also give criminals cover as they do not want to be seen.
  2. Buy a dog. It doesn’t have to be big, just loud. A dog baking can draw your attention to unusual activity around the house and make a potential burglar move on elsewhere. A “Beware the Dog” sign may also be a deterrent.
  3. Install security lights with a motion sensor. Burglars who operate at night are relying on darkness for cover. When they realise they can be seen they may move on elsewhere.
  4. Keep all doors and windows locked. (including the garage door)
  5. Keep all side gate locked making access to the side of the house and back garden difficult.
  6. Do not leave keys hidden outside.
  7. If you go out in the evening put internal lights on a timer.
  8. If you go on holiday, do not broadcast this, particularly on social media. Ask a neighbor to collect your mail and generally keep an eye on the property while you are away.
  9. Install a security alarm system and make sure there is a panel visible from the outside. This will secure the perimeter of your property and the sign of the alarm may deter the criminal. External Alarm monitoring gives an extra level of security.
  10. Install a security CCTV camera system to record movement in and around your house. When the potential burglar realises they are being recorded, they are likely to give up.
  11. Consider fitting external shutters. In Australia these are a great way of keeping the house cool but there is also a valuable security advantage in these. In addition generally make doors and windows tougher to penetrate by installing good locks, deadbolts or security grills.
  12. Keep ladders and tools hidden or locked away as these can assist any criminal in their planned activities.


One way to look at this is to try to get in the head of the criminals. Most want to get in and out of your house with the minimum fuss and inconvenience. Burglars have reported that thinks that attract them to a potential target are:-

  • That the house appeared to be vacant.
  • There were no cars in the driveway.
  • No lights on in the evening.
  • No response to a knock at the door.
  • Rubbish bins left out.
  • Mail had not been collected.
  • Burglars knew the house occupants would not be at home.
  • Door and windows were open or unlocked and gates were not secured.

If you observe as many of these security issues as possible, you are less likely to become a crime statistic for burglary or home invasion.

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